Warm Autumnal colours are very much on trend this year: browns, beige, sage greens and burnt oranges. With a floral choice to be envied, I hope you will allow me to list some of my favourites.

Our Peachy Bouquet is stunningly beautiful with large headed peach avalanche roses and red county Asiatic Lilies. Rich velvety warm colours that are a sight for sore eyes and comfort for the soul. Classic brassica now available in a variety of both colours and shapes.

If you just wish to add more colour:

Bicolour, deep burgundy, rosy pink, green, cream and soft white are perfect to break the usual colour schemes in most homes. Traditional tight form and more modern leafy fluffy form … both look great, make a superb floral focal in any room and the blooms last extremely well.

Luxurious Orchids are not as expensive as time gone by and you will be pleasantly surprised when you experience the longevity of this blooming delight, available in a host of colours including scorched earth brown, mustard yellows and wonderful greens.

Lysianthus Eustoma, especially the double varieties, are truly beautiful and, dare I say, can compete with David Austin roses or even peonies. They have a wonderful ethereal vibe in some very delicate colours like cream, white, lime green, and peach.

Snapdragon Antirrhinums just like the ones granny Reilly used to grow: rich reds, beautiful burgundies, burnt oranges, peach and cream.

Alstroemeria probably one of the longest last cut flowers in Europe is available in a huge variety of colours, amongst my favourites at this time of year are: reds, oranges, creams and whites. Alstroemeria look equally good on their own as the primary flower in the vase, as they do as part of a floral composition mixed with other blossoms.

Viburnum Opulus has to be one of the most stunning blossoms and colours on the planet: bright, bright lime green it appears to be almost luminous and can be displayed on its own or as a filler with other flowers.

Gerbera, some years ago, were a problem flowers as they had a tendency to droop their head quite quickly; however after cutting through clever and innovative breeding, this issue has been addressed and now the longevity of the Gerbera as a cut flower has improved, so much so, as now Gerbera have become one of our floral staples and is available in almost every colour imaginable.

Pick your favourites, arrange them in a glass vase or a carved pumpkin and you’ll have a beautiful centre piece 🙂


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