Are you looking to add some colour and liveliness to your home or living space? Flowers can be a simple and effective way to transform a room.

At MadFlowers, we specialize in helping you choose the perfect blooms to enhance your space. Flowers can be used to make a statement, or simply to add a pop of color. Not only do they brighten up the room, but they can also affect the overall feeling you get from the space. For example, adding sunflowers to a green-colored room can create the feeling of warmth on a summer day.

When choosing flowers for your home, consider the colors of your walls, floors, and soft furnishings. Working with the existing colors of your living space can help to create a cohesive look. Start by identifying the primary color or base color of your walls and then decide whether you want to add a complementary or contrasting color.

The key to picking the right flowers is to make sure they will make your room more vibrant and stand out. Try to avoid adding flowers that are the same color as your walls. For example, if your walls are red, consider adding green chrysanthemums or blue orchids, as they are opposite colors to red.

If you’re considering revamping your home, think about the color wheel and the impact that flowers can have on your living space. Trust us at MadFlowers to help you choose the perfect flowers for your home, that way you don’t have to make any permanent changes, and still you can enjoy your space in a new way.

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