Halloween has become a fun time for both young and old, whilst the kids go trick or treating, the adults have dinner and drinks; well, probably more drinks. 😉

With the Halloween weekend coming up fast I’d like to share a few cool & easy DIY decorating ideas with plants. Any of which can be done a week in advance, leaving you time for entertaining.

Simple Leaf Decorations:

Collect some dried leaves from the garden or local park, heck at this time of year you can collect from the side of the road. Best to collect the leaves on a dry windy day.

Suspend five or 6 differing lengths of brown garden twine from a lampshade and with the aid of a hot glue gun simply glue {mind your fingers} the dried multi-coloured leaves. The length of the twine strands kinda like an autumnal mobile, every time a door opens or closes the draft with make the leaves shimmer and rustle.

The leaf door wrap, the neighbours will be jealous when they see how creative you are, this type of decoration can be displayed as a single strip hung vertically in the middle of the front door or in a cross fashion making your door look like a Halloween present rather than something that belongs in the past …. See what I did there, eh?


Lay a sheet of tin foil down on the counter top {should be the length of the door} this will protect the surface form the glue. Lay a strip of fabric on top of the foil an old sheet cut up would do the job a strip of hessian would be fab too. Then out with your trusty glue gun and dried leaves again… glue the leaves onto the fabric covering it completely top to bottom using as many different shades of leaf as possible everything from light brown to deep rich burgundy will look great.

Pumpkin Planting:

Lots of pumpkins in different sizes required for this beautiful decoration that will look amazing placed to one side of the front door. Let the kids carve some funky face pumpkins, whilst you simple cut the top of the pumpkins off, scrape out the gunge and seeds. The better you clean the pumpkin out the better it will last and if you really want to work in advance you can varnish the pumpkins too.

Pop down to the local florist, garden centre or supermarket for some super Halloween plants. My choice would be:

  • purple brassica

  • orange kalanchoe

  • heather

  • corokia cotoneaster

Simply pop the plants into the carved out pumpkins and arrange in a hap hazard fashion on the doorstep .


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