Lipstick Bouquet Bundle

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Lipstick Flower Bouquet Bundle: A Vibrant Fusion of Elegance and Delight.

Indulge in the captivating allure of our Lipstick Flower Bouquet Bundle, a harmonious fusion of vibrant blooms that exude elegance and delight. This exquisite ensemble includes Roses, Ferns, Dianthus, Cute Purple Buttons, Eucalyptus, and Sweet Scented Stock, thoughtfully arranged to create a visual feast for the senses.

Standing approximately 45cm high and 30cm wide, the Lipstick Flower Bouquet Bundle boasts a captivating beauty that demands attention. The Roses add a touch of romance, while the Ferns infuse a touch of greenery, creating a perfect balance of color and texture.

To make this gift even more special, we've included a charming Keepsake Jug, a delightful Balloon, and delectable Chocolates. Each element adds a touch of joy and sweetness to this already enchanting bundle.

Mad Flowers ensures that this stunning bouquet bundle is delivered anywhere on the island of Ireland in a beautiful flower box, carefully protected to preserve its pristine condition during transit. A personalized card adds a heartfelt touch, allowing you to convey your warmest wishes and create a lasting impression.

Simple instructions are provided to help you care for your flowers and extend their longevity, ensuring that their vibrant beauty lasts even longer.

Trust Mad Flowers for exceptional quality and unparalleled charm with our Lipstick Flower Bouquet Bundle - a captivating gift that celebrates life's most delightful moments. Order now and revel in the elegance and joy of this vibrant floral masterpiece.

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