Lipstick Flower Bouquet

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Lipstick Flower Bouquet: A Captivating Symphony of Romance and Elegance.

Indulge in the romance and elegance of our Lipstick Flower Bouquet, a captivating ensemble that embodies the essence of love and beauty. This romantic bouquet includes Roses, Ferns, Dianthus, Cute Purple Buttons, Eucalyptus, and Sweet Scented Stock, thoughtfully arranged to create a symphony of colours and textures that speaks the language of the heart.

Standing approximately 45cm high and 30cm wide, the Lipstick Flower Bouquet boasts a captivating beauty that draws the eye and warms the soul. The Roses, known as the ultimate symbol of love, create a focal point of passion and affection, while the Ferns and Dianthus add a touch of greenery and elegance.

Vase NOT included, allowing you to choose a vessel that reflects the sentiment and style you wish to convey. Embrace the joy of arranging these beautiful blooms in your favourite vase to create a truly personalized display.

Mad Flowers ensures that this romantic bouquet is delivered anywhere on the island of Ireland in a beautiful flower box, carefully protected to preserve its pristine condition during transit. A personalized card adds a heartfelt touch, allowing you to express your deepest emotions and create a lasting memory.

Simple instructions are provided to help you care for your flowers and extend their longevity, so you can enjoy the captivating beauty of this bouquet for as long as possible.

Trust Mad Flowers for exceptional quality and unparalleled romance with our Lipstick Flower Bouquet - a mesmerizing gift that expresses love in the most enchanting way. Order now and let your love blossom with this timeless floral masterpiece.

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